Anxiety Relief and Pain Management: Pillars of Patient Comfort

A dental procedure is something that may scare even the bravest of patients. After all, when a surgery is so near a person’s face and in a sensitive area, it is bound to raise anxiety. There is no area of medical or surgical practice is this truer than in dentistry. In fact, this is what terrifies people to regularly see their dentist.

dental fearThis is why at the office of David Madruga, we dedicate a special effort to making patients comfortable. We know that the prospect of injections to the gums and tooth removal is scary. Furthermore, it is not just about calming them; they should also know that whatever anaesthetic the dentist use, they would be fine after the surgery.

Anxiety Alleviation

Do not underestimate how dangerous anxiety is during a dental procedure. You yourself could think that it will be fine, and then you go under the knife. We do not risk the success of the operation; before the surgery, we invite our patients for consultations. Dr Madruga will thoroughly examine your teeth, gums and the surrounding structures.

If necessary, he will take photographs and radiographs to be exhaustive. We will ensure that your concern is accurate and give you peace of mind before the surgery to stay calm.

Pain Management

There are patients who are not as anxious as the others are. Yet, when it comes to pain, they are relentless in asking if they will feel anything. The promise of pain is enough to turn them around, putting more importance to pre-surgery procedure.

Unless your dentist is a magician, there should be a process as to how they assure patients. We follow the same steps we preach, you can be sure of that.

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