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Introducing Implants to Your Practice

Dental implants are one of the fastest-growing areas of modern dentistry across the world. As people live longer, more and more patients are seeking a practical, permanent and secure solution to missing teeth. Offering dental implants at your practice can be very appealing to both new and existing patients.

Dr David Madruga has successfully helped to develop several Conscious Sedation/Implant Referral Centres across the UK. He accepts referrals from dentists throughout the country. To refer a patient for dental implants or conscious sedation, please complete our online referral form.

He is a highly qualified implantologist fully trained and experienced in all of the surgical/restorative aspects of implant dentistry, and has achieved numerous qualifications in this field (click here to see David's biography). Together with his experienced team, he offers all levels of service, from simple implant placement to bone grafting and sinus lifts. He has also studied extensively in the areas of bone regeneration and Plasma Rich in Growth Factors (PRGF).

Of the benefits of introducing implants to a practice, he says: Qoute The incorporation of dental implants in my practice has had a tremendous impact in the clinical management of my patients, making me capable of improving their quality of life, restoring their confidence towards dental treatment and ultimately their self-esteem. Qoute

Dr Madruga and his team develop close working relationships with all referring dentists and know the amount of trust involved. They will only complete the work that is referred to them. Your patients are still your patients and this will be made clear to them at their first consultation.

There are several levels of referral:

  1. Initial Assessment
    A consultation of about 30 minutes during which treatment options are explored.
  2. Implant Placement
    Dr Madruga will place the implants. Patients are sent back to the referring dentist for restorations.
  3. Bone Grafts/Sinus Lifts
    For patients who need bone grafts, regeneration and sinus lifts. Implant placement and restoration is undertaken by the referring dentist.
  4. Full Case Referral
    Dr David Madruga will carry out all implant-related work, including initial assessments, planning, implant surgery and restoration.

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