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Plasma Rich in Growth Factors (PRGF)


PRGF stands for Plasma Rich in Growth Factors. It is an advanced biotechnological therapy that uses patient's own blood to encourage both healing and tissue regrowth after dental procedures such as tooth extraction. This technology was developed by Dr. Eduardo Anitua - BTI Biotechnology Institute (Spain)

PRGF treatment is also an excellent option for patients who want to have dental implants but who currently lack the bone density to support those implants. It is a safe, tested and effective alternative to complicated bone graft procedures, with treatment times being much quicker than with standard bone graft treatment. This treatment is also used to treat certain periodontal (gum) defects.

Oral rehabilitation using dental implants is a predictable and long-­‐term solution for the treatment of edentulous or partially dentate patients. However, there are certain clinical situations where the absence of adequate bone volume may compromise the final functional and aesthetic outcome. This has led to the development of several surgical techniques to augment the deficient ridges, including guided bone regeneration (GBR) or bone grafting procedures from intra or extra oral origin.

The use of growth factors and autologous fibrin for regenerative purposes is currently being used with remarkable results in the field of regenerative medicine, traumatology, and sports medicine, as well as oral and maxillofacial surgical procedures.

Multiple therapeutic properties have been attributed to the use of PRGF, with no adverse effects encountered, due to its autologous origin.

The stimulation of cell proliferation and migration along with the attraction of circulating cells to the location of the injury are the basic aspects of the action of PRGF. Also important is the angiogenic action of the growth factors, which is crucial to regeneration.

A large number of patients could benefit from the combined used of implants and the biological properties of PRGF, which may also contribute to an earlier recovery and healing process. As well as encouraging and speeding up healing, PRGF reduces swelling and pain, and provides antibacterial protection from infection.

Here is how treatment with PRGF material works:

  1. We will take a small amount of blood.
  2. The blood is put through a centrifugation and fractioning process, which produces plasma rich in growth factors. This is a patented process known as PRGF-­‐Endoret and is approved by the FDA and CE.
  3. The PRGF material is prepared in the appropriate format for your treatment – liquid, gel or fibrin membrane, depending what it will be used for, and placed accordingly.

Our dental team is fully trained in using PRGF technology, which will give you the best possible results from treatment, as well as significantly reducing the healing time for many procedures.

Life Benefits

  • Speeds up healing time and is three times quicker than standard bone graft treatment for dental implants.
  • Naturally antibacterial, reducing the risk of infection.
  • Requires no complex or invasive procedures, and is a natural painkiller.
Image 1. Blood fractions after centrifugation cycle

Blood fractions after centrifugation cycle

Image 2. PRGF clot

PRGF clot

Image 3. Multiple missing teeth/bone loss

Multiple missing teeth/bone loss

Image 4. Final  result after bone augmentation/PRGF

Final result after bone augmentation/PRGF

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