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Cosmetic Treatments

Long before innovative cosmetic dental procedures came into existence, people with teeth and gum problems had no choice but to accept their fate. These days, things are different for patients. With the introduction of cutting-edge cosmetic treatments, dentists are capable of helping patients achieve the perfect smile they have lost or have been dreaming of.

Dr David Madruga is one of the few certified, multi-awarded dentists who practice cosmetic dentistry in Marylebone and other areas in England. He is a qualified dental surgeon and a member of many organisations that promote better oral health in the country. If you are experiencing problems with your smile and you need an effective treatment, see Dr Madruga immediately. He serves patients in different locations; visit our Contact page to see where you can find him.

How We Can Help

Dr David Madruga leads a team of qualified periodontists and implantologists in England. With our years of combined experience, we are capable of meeting your needs and providing the results you want. It is our goal to improve your smile, function and quality of life. Your comfort, safety and satisfaction are a priority. In every procedure that we perform, we aim to achieve the best outcome, so you can regain confidence and enjoy your life.

Below is a list of our cosmetic dentistry services in Marylebone and its surrounding areas. Follow the links to get more information and find out if a particular treatment is right for you. Call or email us if you have questions about our services.

  • Association of Dental Implantology
  • FGDP
  • Invisalign
  • Dentsply
  • Megagen
  • PRGF