Gum Contouring: A Solution to Gummy Smile

You probably have something in your smile that makes you uncomfortable to flash it. Yet, you have clean, straight teeth and a breath devoid of halitosis. Maybe, it is your gum that is bothering you. If it is more than present every time you flash your whites, then you have a viable reason to be shy about it. It is not something that would hinder your overall happiness, but it does prevent you from expressing joy at times.

gum contouringA gummy smile is not so bad, but it hinders some people. Maybe, that includes you. If you feel conscious about your more-than-fleshy smile, then fret not, because there is something you can do about it. Gum contouring is that solution.

The Good, and Nothing But

The first thing you will notice with your less prominent gums is that your teeth would seem bigger. It does not seem much, but a less obvious problem is a one less thing to worry about. This is about your smile, and anything not normal about your teeth will gain you unwanted attention.

Furthermore, ridding another dental problem benefits your entire oral health. Now, wouldn’t it be better if you can brush your teeth and floss without having to worry about bleeding? And now that you can smile more, there will be an increase in your confidence. More than anything, maybe that will help you become a more open person.

An Acquired Problem

Uneven gums stem from many things, many of which are artificial. If you smoke, chew tobacco or even brush too hard, you may be wearing your gums and decreasing the state of your dental health. Poor dental health is not something you should worry about later in your life, believe us.

Here at David Madruga Implants, we can do the gum contouring as well as implants. We look forward to meeting you and discussing your needs.

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