Why should nervous patients in Marylebone choose David Madruga?

Here, at David Madruga, we understand that visiting a dentist can be a scary prospect and that you’d rather not have to!  You can rest assured though, that at David Madruga, nervous patients in Marylebone are our priority. We consistently strive to support you in having teeth to be proud of in a comforting and caring environment.

Nervous Patients in MaryleboneFor our patients here at David Madruga, we offer conscious sedation for stress-free treatment. We don’t believe in letting any fear or phobia of having dental treatment prevent you from having the relevant treatment in order to achieve your best smile!

Conscious sedation means that you can access your required treatment without experiencing the fear of pain or whatever other fear may be holding you back. Maybe you’ve had a bad experience with dental treatment in the past or have a specific phobia related to dental treatment or suffer from general anxiety. Whatever the reason, we can help!

Our highly experienced team regularly use conscious sedation to help our patients receive the treatment they need without experiencing any stress and anxiety. We have successfully helped to develop referral clinics for conscious sedation across the UK and believe the comfort of our patients is of primary importance.

What is conscious sedation?

Conscious sedation for nervous patients in Marylebone is a simple process using either oral or intravenous sedation. It means that during your treatment you will be awake, but totally unaware of what is happening. You will not experience any pain or feel any discomfort or nervousness. Instead, you will experience a feeling of calm relaxation whilst we perform your necessary dental procedures and you probably won’t even remember a thing about it afterwards!

Conscious sedation has been well tested and has proven very safe to use. Here, at David Madruga, our practitioners are highly experienced in using conscious sedation for our patients to help them through their treatment.

Having conscious sedation means that you won’t be able to drive after treatment due to the drugs still being in your system and you will probably still feel under the influence of the drugs for a little while after. Therefore, you will need to bring a friend or family member with you whilst you have your treatment so that they can take you safely home afterwards.

Before your treatment you will receive all pre- and post-operative instructions and information and we are always here to answer any concerns or queries you may have.

Who is conscious sedation for?

Conscious sedation is available to any of our patients who feel that it could help them with their dental treatment. Don’t let nerves stop you from having a healthy set of teeth or that smile of your dreams! Simply get in touch with us here at David Madruga and we will be happy to talk you through the options available to you at an initial consultation.

Here, at David Madruga, we value our patients’ comfort and are here to help you receive the very best possible care and treatment for all your dental needs whilst experiencing complete relaxation.

Relax, you’re at the dentist

Being scared of going to the dentist can have consequences for your oral health. If you put off going to the dentist because you are scared of the pain, the noise, the needles, then you could be going about not having to experience these things the wrong way.

Nervous Patients in MaryleboneThe best way to avoid having to have any dental treatment is to turn up to twice-yearly check-ups and make sure you also get your twice-yearly deep cleans with the hygienist.

That’s great advice if you have not already been putting off going for a check-up for some time, in which case it’s not much help at all.

What might help however, is to know that at David Madruga in Marylebone, we are very experienced in dealing with nervous patients and do all in our power to make your experience with us as relaxing as possible.

When you come to see us, you will find yourself in a friendly, calm environment where the staff will take care of you.

If you have never been to us before, it can help to pop in and meet us for a chat before having any treatment so that you can get used to being here. Next time you come, it won’t seem so daunting.

We will always take the time to discuss your treatment with you so that you understand what is going to happen and are satisfied that all your questions have been answered.

If, at any time, you need to stop your treatment to take a break, that is fine. You just need to let us know that you need a breather.

If you want, you can also have conscious sedation, which is a way to deeply relax you without giving you a general anaesthetic. You can have either oral or intravenous sedation.

Oral sedation is a tablet that you take about an hour before your appointment. It will wear off pretty quickly after your treatment is over.

Intravenous sedation goes straight into your bloodstream and is more immediate. You might be groggy for a while after treatment.

Both forms will relax you really deeply, but you will still be able to answer questions if we need to talk to you.

Forget your nerves and get your life back

It’s only when you start to lose your teeth that you realise how vital they are, not just for eating but for talking, smiling, laughing and holding your face in place. Now that yours are on the way out, how will you replace them, bearing in mind that you aren’t the world’s most fearless dental patient?

Nervous Dental Implant Patients in MaryleboneWell, it would be easy to go for the least invasive option and get dentures made. But dentures only give you about 25% of the chewing power of real teeth, and after a while they lose their grip and can give you all sorts of embarrassing moments. How about, if you’re only losing a few teeth in a row, fixed bridgework? It’s more stable, for sure, but having a bridge means compromising 2 neighbouring teeth, which have to be ground down and fitted with crowns to become buttresses. Seems a bit extreme.

So what about dental implants then? Or does your fear outweigh the opportunity to have replacement teeth that give you back full functionality? Please don’t let it. Instead, come to David Madruga in Marylebone and receive treatment from a dentist well used to nervous dental implant patients. In truth, with dental implants, you have nothing to fear but fear itself, but that’s not very helpful when you are up against anxiety.

David Madruga and his highly experienced team have treated many nervous dental implant patients using conscious sedation.

What is conscious sedation?

Conscious sedation means that you are awake and can respond to questions should you need to be, but you are so deeply relaxed that most of the time, you are not really even concentrating on what is going on with the implant surgery, let alone able to get worried about it.

You can have oral sedation, which means taking a tablet about an hour before surgery. Or you can have intravenous sedation, which is administered straight into the bloodstream through the back of your hand. The latter can be controlled as we go through surgery.

Afterwards the sedation wears off quickly, but you will need someone to make sure you get home safely.

We can make it easier for nervous patients in Marylebone

It’s no fun being scared of things that other people have no problem with at all. Thunderstorms, for example. Some people find them exhilarating, others are hiding behind the sofa with the dog. Spiders, too. One person can pick them up and put them outside while their friend is whimpering with terror of this thing with 8 hairy legs and a desire to terrify. Dentists too. Your friend sails in to get their check-ups, doesn’t think twice about local anaesthetics and fillings. You though. Well, you’ve lost count of the number of appointments you’ve missed because when it came down to it, you were just too scared to go.

Nervous Patients in MaryleboneWas it because your mum was scared of the dentist too? Was it because she never took you when you were young so the first time you went you had to have loads of fillings and they didn’t even offer you a local anaesthetic? Was it the noise of the drill? You can’t quite remember. You just know that all your life, you’ve been lucky to make it to one check-up every 5 years, let alone twice a year. And every time you go, there’s always a long list of work that needs to be done. In fact, it gets longer every time and last time, they were talking about root canals and extractions, maybe even dental implants, if you wanted to get out of the vicious cycle you are in with your teeth.

Because that’s the thing with being scared of the dentist. You don’t go, and you don’t go and you don’t go, and when you do, decay and gum disease have made things so much worse than if you’d gone for regular check-ups in the first place. It’s such a horrible situation to be in.

But here at David Madruga, we know all about dental phobia. It is real. It affects about 13% of the population and you are not alone. When you come to us for help, we will be able to take you through the whole treatment process with a great deal of compassion, zero judgment on the state of your teeth and sedation so that you can finally relax.

Stress-free oral surgery with conscious sedation in Marylebone

If you are feeling anxious about visiting the dentist, you are not alone. Dental phobia is a very common occurrence, affecting almost half of all UK adults. Patients suffering from dental phobia tend to cancel dental appointments and visit the dentist only when it is absolutely necessary to be treated. Unfortunately, this can create a lot of problems in the long run.

Nervous Patients in MaryleboneDr David Madruga is specially trained in treating nervous patients in Marylebone. He is caring and sympathetic and ready to listen to your needs, concerns and answer all your questions. He will take the time to explain every step of your treatment in understandable terms and will help you cope with your dental anxiety. More importantly, nervous patients can take advantage of our conscious sedation options.

Feel relaxed and comfortable

At your first appointment with Dr Madruga, you will be met and treated in a friendly and reassuring manner. You will never be judged for the state of your teeth or any phobias you may have. Dr Madruga is specially trained in the most advanced techniques available and has invested in specialist equipment designed to eliminate any pain during treatment.

Conscious sedation is not like general anaesthesia. Dr Madruga will use either oral or IV (intravenous) sedation, to help you relax during your dental treatment. IV sedation is more substantial compared to oral sedation, because it involves administering the sedative directly into the bloodstream. In both cases, you will be awake but unaware of what’s happening, feeling very relaxed and not experiencing any pain or discomfort.

When you are under oral or IV sedation, you can still communicate with the dentist. Conscious sedation is extremely safe and well-tested and has proven to be effective with nervous patients. If you opt for conscious sedation, you will need to bring a friend or family member with you to your appointment to make sure you return home safely.

Our commitment

For nervous patients who avoid the dentist because of their phobia, why not let us help? Dr Madruga will help you overcome your fears and worries and allow you to have any necessary dental care in a calm and relaxed environment.

Solutions for missing teeth

If you have missing teeth, then you know that you can feel insecure about your appearance or experience difficulties with everyday activities such as eating and speaking. You may have considered removeable appliances, but worried that they would be loose, inconvenient to clean or uncomfortable. If you have resigned yourself to the difficulties of living with gaps, you might like to hear about dental implants.

Many people have restored their quality of life using this established procedure for replacing teeth. In Marylebone, nervous dental implant patients can benefit too. At David Madruga, we pride ourselves on a relaxed, reassuring approach, combined with techniques such as conscious sedation to make sure that you get treatment you need.

Nervous Dental Implant Patients in MaryleboneCare for anxious patients

For up to 13% of people in western countries, severe fear of dentists or dentophobia is a very real problem. This can prevent some people from ever visiting their dentist, and make it a very unpleasant experience for others. In fact, this is the main reason that people avoid having the treatment they need. Some people feel out of control, while others have had a bad experience or simply get nervous at the thought of attending an appointment or having work carried out.

Sadly, many people would rather endure the discomfort and inconvenience of missing teeth rather than seek help. If this sounds like you, we can help. We want to make treatment accessible so we ensure that you feel as comfortable as possible.

What happens if I choose dental implants?

The first stage is a consultation in which we assess the condition of your jaw and mouth, plan a treatment programme, including sedation options if necessary, and answer any questions that you might have. The implants are metal screws that are placed into the jaw under a local anaesthetic. During healing, the bones and tiny blood vessels of the jaw mesh around the implants, holding them securely in place. When they have settled, they are used as a secure base to support a replacement tooth, a whole set of dentures, crowns or bridges. The implants function just like the roots of natural teeth, so you will be able to enjoy your favourite foods and an improved appearance.


People in personal growth circles love to turn words into acronyms. With F.E.A.R., you get to choose between False Evidence Appearing Real and Face Everything And Recover. In other words, fear is a feeling. It’s a negative feeling about the future.

The thing is with fear, it’s a very powerful feeling that can stop people doing things they know would be great for them. One thing it stops people doing is getting dental implants. This is such as shame as, in fact, having surgery on the jawbone is a lot less painful than work on the teeth as there are far fewer nerve endings.

Nervous Patients and Dental ImplantsFor some reason, nervous patients and dental implants combined can create fear. But feeling scared, even more than scared, is no reason not to go through with a dental procedure that can be completely life changing.

At David Madruga in Marylebone, we’d hate for anyone who comes to us for dental implants to decide that the procedure is just too nerve-wracking to go through with.

Conscious sedation

We are big fans of conscious sedation here at David Madruga. This is a way for our patients to go through dental implant surgery in a completely relaxed way, not feeling any pain, not really aware of what’s going on, but able to respond should we need to talk to you; not knocked out cold with a general anaesthetic.

Oral sedation

This is the lighter of the two sedation techniques we offer. You take a pill an hour or so before your appointment, so that by the time you lie back in the chair, the sedation is beginning to take effect.

Intravenous sedation

Much faster-acting because we administer the sedative directly into your bloodstream, and will monitor you throughout treatment. It is a deeper sedation that might send you to sleep, but you can be woken up if necessary.

Whichever type of sedation you choose, you will need to bring someone with you to make sure you get home safely, which is what we always recommend for patients having implant surgery.

Do call us to find out more about sedation and how it can help you through implant surgery.

Nervous dental implant patients in Marylebone

Dental implants are a great way to replace missing teeth due to their many benefits, but what if your dental phobia is the reason you lost your teeth in the first place?

At the practice of Dr David Madruga, the goal is for patients to feel calm, comfortable and safe. Dr Madruga leads a highly-experienced team in the field of conscious sedation and has successfully helped to develop many conscious sedation referral clinics across the UK.

Nervous Dental Implants PatientsHe is a firm believer that everybody deserves a healthy and beautiful smile, which is why he offers treatment under sedation for patients who are afraid of the dentist.

Common causes of dental phobia

Dental phobia is a very common issue among patients, and many people will attribute their dental fear to a past, bad experience. For many patients, fear of the dentist is associated with bad childhood memories. However, a bad experience is not the only reason for dental phobia. Sometimes, fear of the dentist is associated with prior negative experiences as well as an embarrassment over the condition of one’s teeth and mouth.

Dr Madruga will pinpoint what he thinks is causing your fears and talk about it in order to ease your concerns. He will never judge you – on the contrary, he will go the extra mile to ease your fears and help you achieve optimal oral health. If your fear has led to tooth loss, or your teeth are too badly damaged to be restored, dental implants may be the ideal solution.

Implant operation

Operation for dental implants is quite simple. Your dentist will attach the dental implants in your jawbone with a minor operation here at our Marylebone practice. Once in place, dental implants fuse with your jawbone, acting as tooth roots. After a healing period which may last a few weeks, permanent new teeth will be attached on top of your dental implants.

Treatment under sedation

Dr Madruga offers conscious sedation which is unlike any anaesthetic you have received in the past. Using either oral or intravenous sedation, you will be awake during the operation, feeling very relaxed and not experiencing any pain or discomfort. Conscious sedation is very safe and is only administered by our experienced dentists.

Offering new solutions for nervous patients

If you are one of the many nervous patients in Marylebone or around the country, it is good to know you have options when you come for dental treatment at David Madruga. The longer you put off any dental treatment generally the worse it gets and the more eventual work you will need. If you can visit a dentist that can give you options when it comes to your levels of awareness during treatment and shows genuine understanding of you concerns, then you are much more likely to see someone sooner.

nervous-patients-in-MaryleboneWhat is on offer for nervous patients in Marylebone?

Traditionally, dental treatments that involve discomfort are offered under local or general anaesthetic. These practices are designed to stop you feeling pain, but the former does not take the edge off of your experience, and the latter can mean a visit to hospital for treatment. This may seem like an extreme option if you do not need to have it.

At David Madruga, we offer conscious sedation. This is where you can have a local anaesthetic for the treatment site but we also offer you a level of sedation designed to decrease your general awareness of the sights, sounds and sensations of treatment alongside this. You will not be aware of what is going on and will likely remember nothing but you are actually awake during treatment.

Sedation is offered to nervous patients in Marylebone at our clinic though IV or orally. Your dentist will go through the whole process with you in detail and will also take a medical history from you to ensure you are a suitable candidate for conscious sedation.

At David Madruga, we have experience working with people from all over the country and we create a relaxed and professional atmosphere in which you can feel safe. We believe that, the more positive experiences you have at the dentist, the more overall relief you will get from any fear or phobia and so the more likely you are to visit for check-ups and to get the treatment you need. We look forward to working with you to give you the support you need at the dentist.

I am scared to go to a dentist!

Come and visit Dr David Madruga in Devonshire Place. We understand that the number of adults who hold a genuine fear of visiting the dentist is high. The statistics from the NHS, state that as much as one in four adults have such a fear of dentist, which consequently stops them visiting a dentist. Nervous patients in Marylebone can be assured that we are here to offer you a compassionate experience. Is it the pain that puts you off? Or perhaps the noise and smells of a dental practice? Well, we can inform you that with advances in dentistry, the tools used are quieter than they used to be. We also offer a range of pain relief including gum numbing gel and conscious sedation.

nervous-dental-patientsWhen did you last go to the dentist?

It is a good idea to have regular check-ups with a dentist to ensure you are caring for your teeth properly. Do you work or live near Marylebone? Nervous patients are relieved when they find our dental surgery, conveniently situated just a ten-minute stroll from Baker Street Tube Station. Did you know that it is recommended to visit the dentist once a year? This is, if you do not have any risk of gum disease or cavities. For some, it is essential for more frequent visits to occur. We understand, that due to the number of nervous patients in Marylebone, that there will be adults walking around with teeth that have not been seen by a dentist in many years. Is this you? Feel no shame if so, it is more common than you think and it could be that you have no oral problems. Wouldn’t it be good to put your mind at rest though? We can book you in for an appointment here at our practice. If it helps, why not come and visit us to get a feel for the place and see if you would feel safe having your first check-up here. Be assured, that a check-up will not involve any pain or tricky work being done. We will advise you if a follow-up appointment is needed.