Modern dentistry at its finest; same day teeth in Marylebone

It sounds like something out of a science fiction film set in the distant future. Imagine you have lost all your natural teeth in an accident or due to illness. You walk into a dental surgery and leave with a complete set of new teeth in the same day.

Same day teeth in Marylebone are now a reality at our dental surgery, thanks to our dedicated team of implant surgeons and is considered a form of advanced dentistry across all fields.

Same Day Teeth in MaryleboneHow does it work?

To have dental implants fitted, many patients must undertake multiple visits to their chosen dentist, which can be spread over several weeks or even months. This is to allow the implants that are placed in the jaw to integrate to the surrounding bone before the teeth are fitted.

Same day teeth in Marylebone usually comprise of putting 4 implants into your jawline and then the placing of a bridge or denture set on top. This provides you with an instant set of teeth that you can walk out with on the same day. These new teeth will not slip and cannot be removed, leaving you with a natural looking smile. Please be aware that your suitability for this procedure will be discussed at your first consultation.

Benefits of same day teeth

Aside from the obvious cosmetic benefits to having teeth fitted in one day, there are other advantages that should not be overlooked too.


A common complaint amongst those who have worn dentures is that of painful friction and rubbing. Although dentures can replace an entire set of teeth instantly and are fitted to shape your jawline, many users still report painful rubbing and even sore spots forming on their jaw.

Same day teeth are fitted to your jaw directly, so even though they may be a set of dentures, they will not cause friction, sore spots or ulcers.

Less invasive

When customers have multiple, single implants fitted, they may require several dental trips to have the initial screws fitted, this can be very time consuming and many customers state that it can feel quite invasive.

When you choose to have teeth fitted on the same day, the entire procedure is done there and then, no more invasive examinations and no time wasted with further appointments.


With this type of dental work, there is no need to avoid certain foods or drinks and it also eliminates the worry of food becoming trapped under or between teeth, so you can take your new set of teeth out for meal right after you have had them fitted!

When you arrange your initial appointment with us, we will need to undertake a series of detailed diagnostics with you in order to prepare you for this procedure. These include X-rays, CT scans and dental impressions to get a clear picture of your bone structure and to determine if you will require any extractions. To acquire same day teeth in Marylebone call us today for more information.

Do you need a new smile and same day teeth in Marylebone?

Does your self-esteem need a boost due to a lack of confidence when you are in social situations? If the answer is a BIG yes then it may be time to ask us at David Madruga for a little smile boosting help!  One of the procedures which we offer is that of dental implants, we may suggest this option is good for you if you have lost some of your natural teeth, either through tooth decay or possibly an accident or sports injury.  Incredibly, this does not mean a long laborious array of treatments, you could be in and out quickly for same day teeth in Marylebone!

Same Day Teeth in MaryleboneHow quickly ??!

Yes, you heard that correctly, modern technology is now so advanced that you can have your implants placed in a day… amazing is that!  But how can this be?  We hear you ask… Well, dental procedures have come a long way since the 1970s and it is indeed possible to have fully functioning implants and new teeth attached within this one-day time frame, easily and safely.

How does this work?

Same day teeth are different from traditional implants, as they do not need the extra time it takes between placing the implant and placing the final artificial teeth. Our revolutionary Same Day Teeth service allows the teeth to be fixed permanently, ensuring that you leave our dental practice with new teeth and a boost in your self-esteem intact!

After an x-ray from us, our technician will craft a bespoke denture bridge and then it will be attached and fixed securely for you on the same day.

As with traditional implants, you may also have a number of artificial teeth attached in one day through us attaching more than one replacement tooth to a single implant, providing normal functioning teeth and a happy smile straight away!!

The benefits of same day teeth

This one day procedure is perfect for those that have a very important event coming up soon, such as a wedding.  After you have had your implants, you will be able to function as normal, but most importantly, you will get your confidence back!  Never again will you have to be without your teeth and this, in turn, will help to lower any anxiety levels.

Get back your joie de vivre

Two of the loveliest things about being a human being is being able to laugh and smile, a good natter doesn’t go amiss either, so when we can’t do any of these things it can be soul destroying.  But thanks to the amazing benefits of modern dental innovations, there is no need to suffer in silence anymore.

So now is the time to grab this opportunity with both hands and chat to us about what we can offer you.  Say goodbye to traditional dental implants that can take weeks or months to obtain your perfect smile and say hello to quick and easy brand new teeth in one day!

Why wait? Same day teeth in Marylebone

Life moves at quite a pace these days. Once you make the decision to do something, it’s possible to follow it up and achieve it quickly with the abundant resources in the world. Why should tooth replacement be any different? Under the right circumstances, it doesn’t need to be. At David Madruga, we can offer a same-day teeth service to many of our patients.

Same Day Teeth MaryleboneThe process of getting dental implants usually involves a consultation followed by any preparatory work. Next comes the fitting of the implants and teeth are added later. In the meantime, someone often has to do without teeth or they have cosmetic stand-ins only. With same-day teeth, prosthetics can be added straight away, which eliminates the need for a second appointment to fit them. This creates a very satisfying, immediately beneficial dental treatment.

How are teeth added to dental implants?

There are three forms that prosthetic teeth come in when they are added to dental implants:

  • Crown – this is for single tooth replacement. It may be that you only need one tooth replaced or you may have one tooth that is not adjacent to any others. A crown can be used in either of these cases;
  • Bridge – where two or more teeth that are next to each other are missing, a bridge can be used to replace them without the need for a dental implant per tooth. A single dental implant, with the right anchorage, can support multiple teeth;
  • Denture – a denture is usually used to replace an entire arch. It can be supported on about four implants, but the exact number depends on the circumstances and environment.

When you have dental implants with David Madruga, we discuss all of these options with you and talk to you about eligibility for same-day teeth. We adapt standard treatment procedures to suit your circumstances so that you end up with a uniquely tailored treatment plan that takes advantage of as many modern and efficient techniques as possible. We know that the easier and quicker your dental treatment is, the more likely you are to go ahead with it. Quicker treatment also means less disruption to your life so that you can enjoy only the positive benefits of your treatment.

Same Day Teeth in Marylebone – all you need to know

If you have lost several teeth, it is now possible to go from missing teeth to having a fully functional and aesthetically pleasing smile in just one visit to the dentist. If you want to replace your missing teeth without having to wait for months, as it is typical with traditional dental implants, then Same Day Teeth at David Madruga in Marylebone may be the right treatment option for you. Same Day Teeth is an innovative procedure providing patients with fully functional teeth in a few hours.

Same Day Teeth in Marylebone Why choose dental implants?

When a tooth falls out, from crown to root, the section of the jaw that supported the tooth has no real purpose and gradually starts to deteriorate. If not replaced, missing teeth increase the pressure on the remaining teeth leading to gaps between teeth, tooth movement and decay.

Unlike other tooth restoration options that merely sit on the gums without interacting with the jawbone, dental implants fuse to the jawbone and prevent its deterioration. These small titanium screw-shaped posts are surgically inserted into the jawbone and replace the root of a missing natural tooth. Your dentist will place the implant (or implants) in the bone of the upper or the lower jaw and leave it to serve as a steady foundation for the replacement teeth, whether there are crowns, bridges or dentures.

Same Day Teeth

Traditional dental implants are very effective but often require many appointments (lasting from several weeks to a few months), before the replacement teeth are fitted. Same Day Teeth, on the other hand, are much quicker since they require a single appointment for replacing the full upper or lower set of teeth. This is because Same Day Teeth do not require as many dental implants – depending on the quantity and the quality of the jawbone, your dentist will use from 4-6. These implants are also smaller in size than regular implants and can be angled in a particular way to ensure that biting and chewing forces and evenly distributed in your mouth. Once in place, your dentist will secure a customised denture on top of them, which will stay in place. This way, you needn’t worry about problems such as slippage.