Dental implants: a reliable solution to tooth loss

Dental implants are a thoroughly modern solution for patients who have lost one or more of their natural teeth. Dr David Madruga is a leading implant dentist based in Marylebone, London, who has helped countless patients to restore both aesthetics and functionality to their smile with the help of implants.

Why choose dental implants?

davidmadrugaimplantsDental implants are the only permanent way to replace missing teeth. Implantology is one of the fastest-growing areas of modern dentistry, and since implants first started being used some 30 years ago, more and more patients are benefitting from using implants to replace their missing teeth.

At his Marylebone dental practice, Dr Madruga is able to treat even complex cases in patients who have experienced bone loss. In the past it was common for patients who did not have sufficient bone density for implant treatment – perhaps after wearing traditional dentures for some years – to be turned away and told they were unsuitable for dental implants. Some dentists still do this today.

However, implantology is continuously advancing, and Dr Madruga is able to offer a number of additional treatments at his Marylebone clinic, including bone regeneration and sinus lifts, to rebuild jaw bone density to a level that is sufficient to support dental implants.

Bone loss commonly occurs when the root portion of the teeth is not replaced. Standard dentures and bridges replace the crowns of the teeth, but with no replacement for the root the jaw bone begins to resorb or shrink back. Dental implants are bionic tooth roots, made from titanium, which is highly supportive of bone growth. Placed directly in the jaw bone by your dentist, the implants help to stop bone resorbtion and provide a firm, stable anchor for new teeth in the form of implant-secured dentures, bridges or crowns.

With good aftercare and regular dentist and hygienist visits, your implants and new teeth could last you for life.