Do you need a new smile and same day teeth in Marylebone?

Does your self-esteem need a boost due to a lack of confidence when you are in social situations? If the answer is a BIG yes then it may be time to ask us at David Madruga for a little smile boosting help!  One of the procedures which we offer is that of dental implants, we may suggest this option is good for you if you have lost some of your natural teeth, either through tooth decay or possibly an accident or sports injury.  Incredibly, this does not mean a long laborious array of treatments, you could be in and out quickly for same day teeth in Marylebone!

Same Day Teeth in MaryleboneHow quickly ??!

Yes, you heard that correctly, modern technology is now so advanced that you can have your implants placed in a day… amazing is that!  But how can this be?  We hear you ask… Well, dental procedures have come a long way since the 1970s and it is indeed possible to have fully functioning implants and new teeth attached within this one-day time frame, easily and safely.

How does this work?

Same day teeth are different from traditional implants, as they do not need the extra time it takes between placing the implant and placing the final artificial teeth. Our revolutionary Same Day Teeth service allows the teeth to be fixed permanently, ensuring that you leave our dental practice with new teeth and a boost in your self-esteem intact!

After an x-ray from us, our technician will craft a bespoke denture bridge and then it will be attached and fixed securely for you on the same day.

As with traditional implants, you may also have a number of artificial teeth attached in one day through us attaching more than one replacement tooth to a single implant, providing normal functioning teeth and a happy smile straight away!!

The benefits of same day teeth

This one day procedure is perfect for those that have a very important event coming up soon, such as a wedding.  After you have had your implants, you will be able to function as normal, but most importantly, you will get your confidence back!  Never again will you have to be without your teeth and this, in turn, will help to lower any anxiety levels.

Get back your joie de vivre

Two of the loveliest things about being a human being is being able to laugh and smile, a good natter doesn’t go amiss either, so when we can’t do any of these things it can be soul destroying.  But thanks to the amazing benefits of modern dental innovations, there is no need to suffer in silence anymore.

So now is the time to grab this opportunity with both hands and chat to us about what we can offer you.  Say goodbye to traditional dental implants that can take weeks or months to obtain your perfect smile and say hello to quick and easy brand new teeth in one day!