Don’t let fear of the dentist put you off getting treatment

Fear and phobia of the dentist are the main reasons UK adults give for putting off seeking dental treatment. At our Marylebone dental practice, we understand and empathise with these fears, which can range from mild anxiety to full-blown panic attacks and can be very distressing. However, we do not think that anyone should experience barriers to the dental treatment they need and the smile they deserve, which is why we work closely with nervous patients to help them get treatment.

conscious sedationOur principal dentist, Dr David Madruga, is highly experienced in the use of conscious sedation to help patients who are afraid of the dentist. Dr Madruga leads a highly-experienced team in the field of conscious sedation, and he welcomes referrals from other dentists to our Marylebone practice if they believe their patients would benefit from treatment under conscious sedation.

How conscious sedation works

Conscious sedation should not be confused with general anaesthesia. You will not be asleep during treatment, so will be able to cooperate with your dentist as required, but will be in a highly relaxed state and will remember little to nothing about treatment when it is completed.

We have two sedation options at our Marylebone clinic: sedative drugs can be delivered intravenously (using a needle) or in tablet form, an ideal option for patients who find that a needle is a trigger for their anxiety. If you opt for treatment under conscious sedation, you will need to bring someone with you to drive you home and stay with you for a few hours after treatment.

It takes some hours for the sedatives to fully wear off, and by law you must not drive under the influence of these drugs. You should also avoid strenuous activity until the next day. Many patients will sleep off the sedatives at home and awake the next morning refreshed and with all dental treatment complete.