Don’t Take Healthy Teeth for Granted

Healthy and strong teeth do more than just aide in the digestive process of chewing and breaking down food. They are an important part of your appearance, too. Other than simply making you more attractive by conventional standards, a beautiful and healthy smile also allows you to eat and speak with confidence.

implants in maryleboneThis is why you should not take them for granted. Gum disease, cavities and other repercussions of neglecting oral health can lead to tooth loss, which can compromise your speech and eating habits. When a tooth is lost, the bone that surrounds it can also deteriorate, affecting your bite and appearance.

Advancements in Dentistry

The sad truth, however, is that many are affected by the loss of one or more teeth. Fortunately, the latest advancements in dentistry can help fix your smile and allow you to enjoy and eat foods you have not tasted in years. Dental implants offer foundation of support for artificial teeth, so you can feel confident and comfortable as you eat or flash a smile.

Replace Missing Teeth

If you are missing one or more teeth, implants are perhaps the most ideal option for replacing them. This is because implants have a natural look and feel, and are the most attractive and comfortable replacement for missing teeth. They can replace teeth lost to decay, gum disease or trauma, and even teeth that have been missing since birth.

Improved Quality of Life

The best thing about dental implants is that they distribute chewing forces all throughout the jawbone. This helps minimise the wearing away of the bone when teeth are missing. In fact, patients who have received implants in Marylebone note that they feel a major improvement in the quality of their lives simply because they can chew and smile confidently.

No More Dentures or Bridges

Implants can also address problems associated with dentures and bridges. They will not compromise adjacent teeth to support a bridge, and will restore a more stable and secure bite compared to removable dentures. The success of implants depends on your general health, dental and personal care, as well as commitment to check-ups and follow ups.

Don’t take healthy teeth for granted. Schedule an appointment with David Madruga to learn more about the most advanced implants available for your situation. Browse through our website today and find out more about the natural, most attractive solution for confident living.