For Long-Term Whiter Teeth, Just Leave It to the Professionals

The food and drinks you consume leave their traces on the surfaces of your teeth. Even the occasional smoke leaves your pearly whites less than white with just a whiff.

teeth whiteningPeople not satisfied with their current look sometimes turn to do-it-yourself teeth whitening. While there is no problem with doing it yourself, it does not guarantee prolonged results. If you wish to enjoy whiter teeth longer, best to book an appointment with a professional.

The Need-to-Knows of In-House Whitening

Proper bleaching easily remedies yellowing teeth; greying and brownish teeth, however, are more challenging. If your front teeth have tooth-coloured fillings or bonding, bleaching is not an option. To achieve a brighter smile, a professional’s help comes in handy.

For a more attractive smile, consult a dentist first to know which whitening procedure is the most effective in your case.

Why Depend on Professionals

Professional in-office whitening (also known as chair side bleaching) is one of the most popular options for people who seek whiter teeth. Some patients prefer home-use whitening systems (e.g. whitening toothpaste, whitening trays or gel strips) for convenience and to save money.

In-house whitening, however, offers more long-term benefits. Unlike home whitening procedures, leaving it to the professionals guarantees controlled, safe and monitored whitening. No need to worry about getting it wrong; a dental practice will oversee and perform the process.

What to Expect During the Procedure

If your teeth are suitable for the procedure, your dentist will schedule you for an appointment. Each session at your dental practice usually lasts for thirty minutes to an hour. The procedure involves the application of a protective gel to your gums, which protects the mouth’s soft tissues from the whitening agent.

After applying the bleaching agent, the dentist uses a laser to enhance the product’s effect. For stubborn surface stains, dentists use bleaching materials such as hydrogen peroxide.

Professional whitening procedures do wonders for yellowing teeth. Rather than settle for DIYs, leave the procedure with the professionals. Here at David Maruga, we make sure you leave our practice with healthier and whiter teeth. Get in touch with us now and learn more about our treatments.