I’ve worn dentures for many years – can I still have dental implants?

Patients who have been wearing traditional dentures for several years may be interested in securing their dentures with dental implants. At our Marylebone dental practice, denture stabilisation using implants is a common procedure. Dr David Madruga is highly experienced in the placing of implants, including complex cases where patients need a little extra help.

Bone loss

dental implantsBone loss is a common side effect of having missing teeth. If you have been wearing dentures for several years, you may have noticed that though they once fitted perfectly, they have become loose over time. You may have had to return to your dentist more than once to have your dentures adjusted, and may be struggling with sloppy pastes to keep them in place.

This happens because when we lose teeth, our jaw bone slowly starts to resorb and our gums may shrink. Dental implants prevent this from happening because they act as bionic tooth roots; they integrate with the bone and support bone growth.

My dentist says I don’t have enough bone to support implants

At our Marylebone practice, Dr Madruga has helped many patients who have experienced bone loss. Even if you have been told by your dentist you don’t have enough bone density to support implants, it is worth contacting us. Dr Madruga is experienced in performing bone grafts and sinus lifts, which help to regenerate your bone so it has enough density to hold your implants.

Bone grafts and sinus lifts

Bone grafts use either your own bone from elsewhere in your mouth or bone substitute biomaterial (animal or synthetic in origin) to rebuild your bone here at our Marylebone practice before placing dental implants.

Sinus lifts involve repositioning the sinus lining and packing bone graft material into the space. This material is incorporated into the surrounding tissues to form a solid bone-like structure.