Missing teeth: how best to replace them

Missing teeth do more than just knock your confidence about smiling or laughing in public; they can affect your diet, your general health, and even your ability to speak clearly. At our Marylebone dental practice, implant dentist Dr David Madruga Gonzalez has helped many patients who have experienced tooth loss to get both health and confidence back with the help of dental implants.

Why you should replace missing teeth

missing teethYou should always replace missing teeth because to do otherwise risks your dental and general health. Remaining teeth have a tendency to move into any gaps, becoming crooked in the process. This makes them more difficult to keep clean, increasing the chances of oral health problems such as gum disease.

Depending on how many missing teeth you have, you may also find that your ability to eat a healthy and balanced diet is affected, as you could find yourself limited to a soft-food or even liquid diet, making maintaining adequate nutrition far more difficult. Your speech can also be encumbered, and your confidence is likely to take a bashing.

Why implants are often the best treatment for missing teeth

Dental implants offer your dentist a permanent way to replace lost teeth. At our Marylebone clinic we can replace one, some, or even all of your teeth with a combination of implants and restorations including crowns and bridges.

Implants are, effectively, bionic tooth roots. Made from titanium, they are placed directly in your jaw bone in a small operation, carried out by experienced implant surgeon Dr Madruga Gonzalez here at our Marylebone practice.

The implants form a strong bond with your jaw bone, providing a very strong anchor on to which your replacement teeth can be attached. Depending on how many missing teeth you have, this may be a bridge, a crown, or implant-supported dentures.