Missing teeth? You no longer need to live with gaps in your mouth

Missing teeth are a common problem, but the good news is that you no longer have to live with gaps in your mouth – nor struggle on with unwieldy dentures. At our Marylebone dental practice, skilled implant dentist Dr David Madruga Gonzalez has treated scores of patients who have lost one or more of their natural teeth, helping to restore their smile with dental implants.

Why we lose our teeth

missing-teethTeeth can be lost for a variety of reasons. Health problems such as tooth decay and gum disease are a common cause of tooth loss, while as the population ages many people are finding that they lose teeth as they get older. Accidents and injuries can also cause teeth to be knocked out, and while it is sometimes possible for your dentist to reimplant teeth lost this way in the socket, sometimes a tooth replacement is required.

Whatever the reason behind your missing teeth, they can make your life a misery. Gaps in your mouth may make you self-conscious about smiling or laughing in public, and can affect your speech and ability to enjoy a healthy diet. Remaining teeth often shift into any gaps, becoming crooked and more difficult to clean, thus increasing your chances of further tooth loss.

Why dental implants are the perfect solution

Dental implants are the only permanent way to replace missing teeth. These artificial tooth roots are placed in direct contact with your jaw bone in a minor operation, carried out under local anaesthetic or sedation here at our Marylebone dental practice.

After a healing period, permanent new teeth are attached to the abutments on top of the implants. This restores not just your smile, but also the ability to eat whatever you want.

With regular visits to our Marylebone dental practice, your implants can last a lifetime. You need never worry about missing teeth again.