Mouth Rinses Are All Good, But Not All Are Good for You

As dentists, we will always urge people to have a regular routine when it comes to their dental health. More than that, we want it to be comprehensive: brush twice daily, floss and mouthwash. As long as you do these things, you will be fine. Combined with bi-annual visits to the dental office, and you are probably set for a life of healthy teeth.

david-madrugaMouthwash, or mouth and oral rinses, is something that usually does not factor into people’s dental habits. At times, it is people’s dental habits. The latter is unhealthy, and as we progress in this blog, you will find out that it is pretty useless in itself. Think of it as something that makes brushing better—a complementary treatment.

Is It Necessary?

At the office of David Madruga, we are all for everything that will improve your oral situation. This means we suggest that our patients use an oral rinse to accompany their brushing. We also want you to know that whatever mouthwash promise to offer you, it is primarily a tool for you to have fresher breath. Your toothbrush and toothpaste will do most of the hard work, especially the cleaning.

This is not to say that gargling mouth rinses only freshens your breath. For one, it helps shake off food residue on your teeth that the brush did not get. Furthermore, look for mouthwash with fluoride or antibacterial agents. This way, you can be sure that your teeth are fresh and clean.

You also have to remember to buy the right kind of mouthwash. Do not buy alcohol-free or any kind of special mouthwash if you do not need it. Regular mint should be fine in ensuring your teeth are clean and your breath fresh.

Come to the office of David Madruga for your routine dental needs. You can also trust us to replace bad teeth, if that is what you need. Trust us to give you a pleasant dental experience.

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