Nervous dental implant patients in Marylebone

Dental implants are a great way to replace missing teeth due to their many benefits, but what if your dental phobia is the reason you lost your teeth in the first place?

At the practice of Dr David Madruga, the goal is for patients to feel calm, comfortable and safe. Dr Madruga leads a highly-experienced team in the field of conscious sedation and has successfully helped to develop many conscious sedation referral clinics across the UK.

Nervous Dental Implants PatientsHe is a firm believer that everybody deserves a healthy and beautiful smile, which is why he offers treatment under sedation for patients who are afraid of the dentist.

Common causes of dental phobia

Dental phobia is a very common issue among patients, and many people will attribute their dental fear to a past, bad experience. For many patients, fear of the dentist is associated with bad childhood memories. However, a bad experience is not the only reason for dental phobia. Sometimes, fear of the dentist is associated with prior negative experiences as well as an embarrassment over the condition of one’s teeth and mouth.

Dr Madruga will pinpoint what he thinks is causing your fears and talk about it in order to ease your concerns. He will never judge you – on the contrary, he will go the extra mile to ease your fears and help you achieve optimal oral health. If your fear has led to tooth loss, or your teeth are too badly damaged to be restored, dental implants may be the ideal solution.

Implant operation

Operation for dental implants is quite simple. Your dentist will attach the dental implants in your jawbone with a minor operation here at our Marylebone practice. Once in place, dental implants fuse with your jawbone, acting as tooth roots. After a healing period which may last a few weeks, permanent new teeth will be attached on top of your dental implants.

Treatment under sedation

Dr Madruga offers conscious sedation which is unlike any anaesthetic you have received in the past. Using either oral or intravenous sedation, you will be awake during the operation, feeling very relaxed and not experiencing any pain or discomfort. Conscious sedation is very safe and is only administered by our experienced dentists.