Recent Research Shows the Impact of Losing Teeth

A recent study carried out by researchers from Newcastle University highlights the impact tooth loss can have. As a result they have called for tooth loss to be taken more seriously. The study discovered that losing teeth could result in long-term complications, and found people did experience life-changing consequences due to tooth loss.

dental implantsAccording to the study, people who had experienced tooth loss were reluctant to leave their home, and tended to be disappointed in themselves for requiring dentures. In the UK, more than two million people have lost all their teeth in either their upper or lower jaw, and even though this study implies this loss can be just as damaging as having a long-term health condition, it is often not taken very seriously.

Prolong the Life of Your Natural Teeth with Preventative Dental Care in Marylebone

 David Madruga Implants definitely takes tooth loss very seriously, and Dr David Madruga and all the dentists here in Marylebone will do everything possible to try to preserve your natural teeth for as long as possible. This is one of the reasons why we’re so keen on preventative dental care, as regular examinations and professional cleanings are by far the best way to help keep your teeth healthy and free from disease. Dental procedures such as fillings and root canal treatments and crowns are all designed to help preserve your teeth, but sometimes this might not be achievable.

If You Do Lose Teeth You Don’t Necessarily Need Dentures

 If tooth loss is inevitable then you may not necessarily need dentures. This is because David Madruga is able to provide dental implants. These can be a permanent solution to tooth loss. Dental implants have been widely used for quite some time now so the technology is extremely safe.

Most people will be suitable for dental implants, and age is no problem as it’s more important that you’re in good health. Your dentist in Marylebone can fit you with a single dental implant to replace just one tooth, or multiple dental implants to replace multiple lost teeth or even a complete arch. Nowadays there’s no need to wear dentures if you don’t want to, as we can fit you with a fixed dental bridge that can replace all the teeth in your upper or lower arch or even both. If you’re quite happy wearing dentures but would prefer them to be more stable, this is something that can be addressed with just a few dental implants. Your denture will clip on to the implants so it cannot move or shift, but you will still need to take your denture out to clean it.

Dental Implant Placement Is Far Less Scary Than You Think

Dentists in Marylebone, London know a lot of people are concerned about the thought of the surgery required to insert the implant post, but the truth is it’s such a straightforward treatment and many people will have very little discomfort afterwards. If you have just a single dental implant than you can reasonably expect to return to work the next day, and no one will know you’ve had treatment. If you’re particularly nervous then please discuss this with your dentist in Marylebone as we can help you feel more comfortable so you are able to have dental implants in Marylebone.