Repair and improve your smile with dental implants in Marylebone

If you are missing one or several teeth, you may feel embarrassed by the gaps in your smile and even find it difficult to enjoy your favourite foods. Luckily, modern dentistry has come a long way and nowadays dentists offer patients the option of dental implants. Unlike dentures and bridges, dental implants are long-lasting and look and feel like your natural teeth.

If you are concerned about missing teeth and you have you been neglecting them for a while, you should visit Dr David Madruga as soon as possible to repair your smile. Missing teeth are not only an aesthetical problem – they can also cause bone deterioration and hinder the function of your bite. Dr Madruga will examine your teeth thoroughly and help you determine whether dental implants are the right treatment for you. Replacing missing teeth in Marylebone has never been easier.

Replacing Missing Teeth in MaryleboneHow dental implants work

Dental implants are artificial, titanium tooth roots that are surgically inserted into your jawbone. Implants replace any natural tooth roots that you may have lost to decay, injury or other causes.

After the artificial root fuses with your jawbone over a period of time (which can last from a few to several months), it can then hold a replacement tooth such as a dental crown.

Your replacement tooth is customised to match your natural teeth. Patients with several missing teeth can also have implant-supported dentures or bridges.

Dental implants feel, look and function just like your natural teeth. They can be placed in the upper or lower jaw bone and x-rays are taken to determine the best locations in your jawbone for the implants to be fixed.

How can you benefit from dental implants?

Dental implants offer many benefits as they can restore your ability to speak and chew food properly. Moreover, they are very durable and can last for many years. More importantly, dental implants protect your jawbone from deterioration and encourage the growth of bone tissue.

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