Same Day Teeth

Just imagine walking into the dental practice in the morning with missing or failing teeth, and walking out the same day with a brand new set of teeth that look and act like their natural counterparts. Sounds too good to be true? Thanks to Same Day Teeth, this fantasy is becoming a reality for increasing numbers of dental implant patients.

same day teethStandard dental implants usually require a series of appointments spread out over a number of weeks or months while healing occurs. During this time the implants integrate with the jawbone to provide firm anchorage for your final replacement teeth – crowns, bridges or dentures.

With Same Day Teeth, the final restorations (replacement/false teeth) are placed on the same day as your dental implants, meaning you walk out of the practice the very same day with a brand new smile that you’ll want to show off. Same Day Teeth is not suitable for all cases, so we’ll discuss your suitability for this treatment at your initial implant consultation.

Same Day Teeth are non-removable, meaning they are fixed in place and provide the full functionality of natural teeth. The result is a beautiful, natural looking, natural-acting smile.

The good news is that you will not need an implant for every replacement tooth. In most cases we use four or six implants – depending on how much bone you have – and attach a fixed provisional bridge comprising several teeth.

Our expert team carefully position and angle the implants so that nerves and other important anatomic structures are avoided, while the forces created by biting and chewing food are evenly distributed across the implants, ensuring no one area comes under excessive strain.

Same Day Teeth have been proven to have a 98% success rate after five years in one arch of the mouth. With proper care, they are an excellent option for many patients with missing teeth.