Smiling: The Key to your Next Romantic Relationship

The secret behind a potential love affair is quite simple: a great smile.

There is a connection between smiling and attracting the opposite sex. The relationship between these two is a deep-seated evolutionary connection. For most people, smiling speaks to them at an intimate level.

david-madrugaToday, a smile is the assurance of your fun-loving, outgoing and carefree nature. In fact, a genuine smile is one of the top things the opposite sex looks for in a potential partner. If you wish to find love, all you have to do is pull off your greatest weapon: a picture-perfect smile.

How Smiling Makes a Difference

The bulk of communication does not entirely rely on the words you say. In most cases, body language is all you need to convey your emotions. When you are aware of how your body talks, you give yourself a very powerful tool, socially.

A smile is enough to lighten up a situation. It can also define the difference between ‘get out’ as a joke or a threat. In a similar fashion, a sincere smile transforms you into a sociable person, which attracts the attention of the opposite sex.

Smile with Your Whole Face

The key to making the rule of attraction work with just a smile requires smiling with your whole face, not just your mouth. When you smile with your face, your cheeks come up and there is a crinkle by the corner of your eyes.

Smiling with your whole face usually takes time, especially if you are not used to it. Start your day by taking a little time and standing in front of the mirror to practice. To help yourself, vividly recall that moment you were truly happy.

Make Your Smile Work

According to some Marylebone dentists, smiling makes you more approachable, especially with women. When you are out with your friends for a drink, remember to keep your smile strong. Do not worry about smiling out of place or freezing that grin on your face. When the moment calls for a grin, do so genuinely. The opposite sex will see you as friendly and welcoming, which is the first step towards a potential attraction.

Charm your way to a love-filled future; start with a sincere and beautiful smile. Transform your smile with Dr David Madruga.