So fast these days

Dental implants may have been around for more than 30 years but the innovations keep on coming, and we love sharing them with you at David Madruga in Marylebone.

Immediate Placement for Dental ImplantsOne of the biggest frustrations with having dental implants fitted has always been having to wait so long between appointments for healing to happen. In the past, it took about six months between having your dental implants fitted and getting the porcelain crowns put on. This was so that the implants could have plenty of time to integrate with the jawbone, and the time it takes for the two to integrate is still vital to the success of dental implants. Things could take even longer if teeth had to be removed first, which meant more healing time.

However, for many people, especially super-busy Londoners and people who work abroad a lot, having to have several appointments before the process was finished could make life very complicated.

Now it is possible to have immediate placement for dental implants. This means that if you do need have to failing teeth extracted before replacing them with dental implants, we can do that first and then follow up immediately with inserting your dental implants. We can even put on your crown straightaway, so that you walk out with your new tooth already in place. That can save you 6–9 months of healing time.

You still have to heal

Don’t be fooled though. You still need to allow your implants to heal into your jawbone. This means being very careful and starting off on liquid foods for a good week before progressing to soft foods and then slowly, over time, introducing more challenging foods.

You may perhaps also be able to take advantage of our technique that uses protein rich in growth factors (PRGF) spun out from your blood to speed up the healing time. Ask us if this is possible.

So many ways to use dental implants

Dental implants can be used to replace any number of teeth from a single knocked-out tooth to a whole arch. One implant can support up to three teeth, and we have great techniques for whole arch replacement that reduce the number of implants required.