So You Want Affordable Dental Implants – Does This Mean That You Have To Travel Abroad?

Whether you undergo treatment for dental implants in Marylebone or your local High Street implant clinic, you can be assured that it isn’t going to be cheap. There are several reasons for this including the training and skill of the dentist fitting them, the cost of manufacturing the precision implant itself; and the ongoing care that comes with making sure your implants remain in good health. So is it true that the answer to lower-cost dental implants for many people lies abroad?

dental-implants-in-maryleboneLured by anecdotal evidence of high standards of care, professional looking websites and budget airlines undercutting each other to get cheaper flights to Europe, it’s no wonder that ‘dental tourism’ is big business. Unfortunately many people have returned from such trips with problems arising from initially shoddy treatment. Such is the scale of the problem that it’s caused the General Dental Council (GDC) to issue a set of guidelines for anyone contemplating getting cheap dental treatment abroad. The guidelines encourage the potential patient to ask some important questions such as…

  • Does your dental tourism country of choice have a regulating body that all dentists have to adhere to?
  • Who will provide the implant treatment and what are their qualifications?
  • If problems do arise, just how easy is it to have any remedial work done?

This is not to suggest that every dental implant clinic in Europe is below par, and in fact there are many clinics that offer an excellent service. However unlike a dental implant in Marylebone, patients who decide to opt for treatment abroad won’t have the benefit of long-term planning, because this cheaper procedure is geared up specifically for a rapid service. Often patients have underlying gum problems which need to be dealt with first, yet because of the time constraint, many implants are placed directly into unhealthy gums. When this happens, there’s only ever going to be one outcome and that’s implant failure!

Add-on costs

Even though the initial cost of an implant may seem cheap, many foreign dentists will charge much more for remedial work. Not only this, a patient needing remedial work is going to have to add on expenses for accommodation and travel.

So for many, whilst the perception of undergoing treatment for dental implants in Marylebone may at first seem expensive, in theory it’s an altogether more practical solution that will save you money in the long-term.

If you want a successful outcome to your dental implant complete with good preparation, careful planning and continual care then contact David Madruga Implants. We’re a Marylebone clinic who have been effectively fitting dental implants for many years.