The dental implant process

Getting dental implants is not just a quick in and out and Bob’s your uncle. If you decide to go for this method of tooth replacement, you are looking at a series of appointments stretching out over a matter of months rather than one simple appointment.

Dental Implants in MaryleboneThe consultation

The first stage when you decide to get dental implants in Marylebone with David Madruga is to come in for a consultation. David will make a thorough examination of your teeth and jaw, including beneath the gums to find out what condition your jawbone is in. This means x-rays and scans. If your jawbone is strong and healthy, David will go ahead and put together a careful plan to site the implants, avoiding any nerves or blood vessels.

Preparatory treatments

If your jawbone needs help before you can have implants, David can carry out a bone graft or a sinus lift. Both treatments add extra bone material into the jawbone to strengthen it and get it back to renewing itself rather than being in a process of resorption. This can add several weeks to your treatment time.

Implant surgery

This is carried out under local anaesthetic, and if you are nervous, you can also have either oral or intravenous sedation to help you deeply relax throughout the surgery. Placing the implants involves opening up the gum and creating new implant channels in the jawbone. This has to be done carefully.


This is a crucial part of the dental implant process. It takes 2-6 months, depending on your body’s healing speed, for your jawbone to bond with the implants by growing new tissue all over them. By the end of the process, the 2 will be fused together. During this time, you will gradually move from a liquid diet to a soft food diet.

New crowns

When osseointegration is complete, you can have new handmade porcelain crowns fitted. These will match your other teeth in size, shape and colour.


Twice daily brushing, daily flossing, regular hygienist cleanings. This is all you need to do to maintain your dental implants. Do this diligently and they could last for decades.