The Real Reasons Dental Implants are Popular in the UK

This is the prevailing trend in the UK. Many people are now visiting dental practices instead of beauty salons and dermatologists. They are choosing dental implants and other cosmetic dental procedures to improve not only their oral health but appearance as well. Recent studies explain the Brits’ latest obsession with dental implants:

Affordable Dental Treatments

dental implantsThe falling prices of dental treatments are encouraging consumers with modest means to undergo implant installations. Dental Implant Advisory’s The Dental Implant Cost Survey 2012 revealed that the average price of a dental implant in the UK decreased to £1,868. Many dental practices even offer implants for as low as £995.

Researchers attribute this change in costs to competition. The number of dental practices that offer dental implants is increasing. It prompts dental practices to attract patients by lowering their rates. And since patients do not want the hassle and cost of travelling overseas for treatments, they go to these dental practices for implants instead.

Changing perceptions in appearances

People’s changing perceptions in appearances are another reason dental implants are popular nowadays. For them, a complete set of teeth is as important as having a pleasant face. Good oral health is tied to better appearance, self-esteem and even opportunities for love and career.

BUPA’s survey revealed that about 28% of Brits do not smile in ‘selfies’ and pictures to hide their teeth. In addition, 81% of them worry about their teeth’s appearance in photographs. Around 35% expressed embarrassment about the appearance of their teeth as well.

The negative perceptions about their teeth were offset by their desire for better teeth. About 42% of the respondents admitted that teeth were the first thing they would change about themselves. Approximately 53% also said they feel pressured to undergo dental treatments like implants because of the impeccable teeth that celebrities and other public figures have.

Changing Lives with Dental Implants

People get dental implants because it means having a better life. That, and the fact that such treatments are becoming more affordable, means people will have more reasons to try them. This is where Dr David Madruga Gonzalez comes in.

Through advanced implant and aesthetic dentistry, he helps transform people’s lives by improving their oral health and appearance. He is committed toward improving a person’s smile, function, comfort, confidence and overall quality of life.

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