The Repercussions of a Bad Bite

People who have an overbite or underbite usually become a laughingstock. In reality, bad bite is not a laughing matter. It does not only affect a person’s self-esteem, but also their total wellbeing.

bad biteIn the dental parlance, malocclusion is the term for the improper alignment of teeth and jaws. While some people can shrug this off, this dental problem brings with it some serious effects on the body if left untreated.

Tooth Pain

As the teeth are not properly aligned, the distribution of pressure and stress brought about by the mouth’s mechanical action will be uneven. And this usually leads to tooth pain. If not corrected immediately, the working forces may wear the teeth and make them loose and sensitive.

Muscular Pain

Malocclusion somehow distorts the facial muscles. Crooked teeth cannot efficiently support the muscles that are used for chewing and swallowing. In turn, these muscles have to double their work to carry out the said functions. This leads to stress and causes pains in the joints and jaws. It may even cause migraines.

Airway Problems

The incorrect dental alignment causes the teeth to consume more space than they should. With this setup, the tongue may have to retreat as it cannot rest where it should. The tongue runs the risk of resting back in the mouth, which in turn affects the flow of air.

Posture Problems

When you have a bad bite, chances are your jaw joints are not properly aligned with the other joints in the body. If you have a malocclusion, you may find it difficult to close your jaws properly. The rest of the body compensates for this setup. You are unconsciously leaning forward to realign the joints and the bones. This is what causes neck and shoulder pains.

Normally, bad bites are a result of habits, such as thumb sucking and mouth breathing. They can also be attributed to physical traumas.

Fortunately, our qualified dentist in Marylebone can help you correct this problem. We have a wide range of services that addresses malocclusion. Just visit our other pages and get in touch with our patient service department to learn more about what we do.