The Secret to the Ancient Romans’ Perfect Teeth

New research recently revealed the ancient Romans had better teeth than people do today. Although dental care during that time time was rudimentary at best, they had what researchers defined as “perfect teeth”. But how?

perfect teethThe research team brought together an expert team of Italian radiologists, archaeologists, orthodontists and anthropologists. They used CAT scans to examine the remains of 30 Romans killed in Pompeii during AD 79.

It took the team months of research until they found a startling discovery that the Romans’ teeth were in excellent condition, even better than our teeth today. It’s no longer news that Brits have bad teeth. The good news is, we are exerting an effort and committing to measures to change this.

As one of the leading dental practices in the region, we want to learn all that we can from this ancient civilization and how they took care of their teeth. Although we have new technologies and better equipment, it seems the Ancient Romans knew more than we do.

It’s All in the Diet

The results were consulted with dental experts and according to them, the inhabitants of Pompeii had very little sugar and instead ate a lot of fruit and vegetables. Essentially, it all came down to their eating habits, which dentists now say is so much better than how we eat today.

Despite the absence of toothbrushes and toothpastes during their time, their diet was balanced, healthy and free of refined sugar. This meant they didn’t suffer from cavities and had little cause for other types of dental problems. Their diet, then, is what we know now as the Mediterranean diet.

Diet truly plays a role in your oral health. We personally recommend staying away or at least minimising the intake of food items high in sugar. Instead, eat organic fruits and vegetables, grass fed meats and dairy, and great sources of calcium like spinach, kale, shrimp and almonds.

These will ensure you supply your body with vital nutrients that protect your teeth. It is also important to commit to a healthy oral regimen. Consult with David Madruga today to know more how you can take better care of your teeth and transform your smile.