We can help you get your mouth back

It can be so very disheartening to watch your teeth fail one by one over the years. It does seem that if one goes, the others soon follow. They need each other to remain in place in the jawbone and when there is a gap left by a missing tooth, the other teeth can start to wander, tip into the gap and even fall out. Or maybe, you were not born with healthy teeth and it has always been a big struggle to keep them in good condition.

Full Mouth Rehabilitation in MaryleboneWhatever the reason, if you have lost or are about to lose all your teeth, do not sink into despair. At David Madruga in Marylebone, full mouth rehabilitation can give you back your smile and your ability to chew, laugh and speak with complete freedom, by using dental implant restorations.

How it works

As the name implies, full mouth rehabilitation is a big job. We need to plan it carefully, and to do so we will need to do CT scans, and take x-rays. This is so that we know exactly where to place the dental implants without damaging nerves or blood vessels.

If you have been without teeth for a while, you may need to have extra procedures, such as bone grafts or sinus lifts, so that your jawbone will be strong enough to take the implants, integrate with them and withstand the incredible forces created by chewing.

We will extract any remaining, failing teeth and fit between four and six dental implants per arch. You will then wait a few weeks while the dental implants integrate with your jawbone, and during this time you will wear temporary restorations.

Then we will fit you with handmade porcelain crowns that will have been created to suit your mouth perfectly. All you need to do to look after your implants is to brush them carefully twice a day, floss your teeth and then come in for a check-up and to see the hygienist twice a year.

Why not come in for a consultation to find out how David Madruga can help you get your smile back.