What makes a great smile?

Do you know what you would like to have done to give yourself that great smile you have wanted for such a long time? Or do you look in the mirror, smile at yourself, see that there are ways it could look better but not know exactly? If you are unsure as to how you should go about getting a smile that works for you, then you probably need to have a full smile makeover.

There are 2 ways to go about cosmetic dentistry. One is to have bits done piecemeal as and when the need arises. The other is to have a full smile makeover in Marylebone and make a project out of getting that great smile.

Full Smile Makeover in MaryleboneIt starts with a consultation

When you come to David Madruga in Marylebone for a full smile makeover, we start off with an in-depth consultation. David will want to find out all about your dental aspirations and your history, if you are not already a patient with us. Then David will carry out an thorough examination, taking into account your teeth, gums, lips and face, all of which have to be in balance for a really great smile to come through. We can even make mock ups so that you can see how your smile is going to look after treatment.

He will then discuss treatment options with you and agree on a schedule, which will be submitted to you in writing, along with costs, for your approval.

The treatments

Typical treatments include whitening, realignment, gum sculpting, cosmetic bonding and veneers, dental implants and facial aesthetics.

It is not possible to say here how long it takes to have a full smile makeover as some treatments can take a long time to complete. For example, getting your teeth realigned can take a year or so (sometimes a lot less), and dental implants can take several months. Some treatments, such as teeth whitening, can be carried out in little more than an hour.

What you need and in what order can only be ascertained with a consultation, so why not book one now and find out how David can take you on a journey you will always be grateful you embarked on.