What’s the best way to replace missing teeth? Exploring dental implants

Missing teeth should always be replaced. Ask any dentist and they will tell you the same thing. There are many tooth replacement options available at our Marylebone dental practice, provided by leading cosmetic and implant dentist Dr David Madruga.

dental implantsHere, we look at why dental implants are often the perfect solution to missing teeth.

Why missing teeth should be replaced

When one or more of our natural teeth is lost, through accident, injury, tooth decay or gum disease, our remaining teeth are put under additional strain when biting and chewing food. These teeth are also prone to movement, shifting into any gaps and becoming crooked in the process. This makes them more difficult to clean, which in turn raises the risk of further tooth decay and gum disease and, ultimately, further tooth loss.

Whether you choose dental implants, a standard bridge or traditional dentures, replacing your missing teeth will help to prevent these problems. We offer a wide range of tooth replacement solutions at our Marylebone dental clinic, so the choice of restoration is yours.

Why implants?

Implants have numerous advantages over other tooth replacement products, with one of the key ones being that implants are the only permanent way to replace your missing teeth. These small titanium screws are placed directly in your jaw bone in a minor operation here at our Marylebone practice. After a healing period your clinician will then attach permanent new teeth on top.

Implants are the only way to replace missing tooth roots, which are vital to jaw bone health. Without the roots in place, your jaw bone is likely to shrink back, which can make traditional dentures loose.

Dental implants stop the problem of bone loss, keeping your new teeth firmly in place. They also enable you to eat a full, healthy diet, and to smile with confidence.