Why dental implants are often the best solution to missing teeth

Dental implants offer a permanent way for your dentist to replace your missing teeth. At our Marylebone dental clinic, Dr David Madruga Gonzalez can treat even the most complex of implant cases, restoring not just a beautiful smile but also full functionality to your jaw – meaning you can eat whatever you choose without having to worry about loose dentures.

Why you should consider dental implants

dental implantsMissing teeth should always be replaced, as soon after tooth loss as possible. This is because not only does having gaps in your mouth affect your self-confidence, it can also have a negative impact on your diet and your ability to eat healthy foods, potentially impacting on your general health.

Gaps in the mouth often cause remaining teeth to move and become misaligned, which makes them more difficult to clean. This can lead to an increased risk of gum disease and tooth decay – and ultimately of further tooth loss.

At our Marylebone dental clinic, Dr Madruga can use dental implants to replace one, some, or even all of your natural teeth. Implants are the only permanent tooth replacement solution, and the only one that helps to prevent bone loss.

Bone loss is a common side-effect of having missing teeth, because without the tooth roots in place the jaw bone starts to shrink. Dental implants prevent this because they are in direct contact with the bone, and they are osteoconductive – supportive of bone growth.

In most cases, after implant placement – carried out under local anaesthetic or sedation at our Marylebone dental practice – a healing period of a couple of months is required, after which your dentist will attach new teeth to the implants.

These new teeth with look and function just like natural teeth, giving your jaw a new lease of life and restoring your confidence to smile.