Why it’s important to replace missing teeth

Patients with missing teeth are prone to hiding their smiles away in public. At our Marylebone dental practice we believe that it’s important to replace lost teeth for several reasons – here we look at how dental implants from Dr David Madruga could be the perfect solution.

replace missing teethDr Madruga has helped scores of patients from Marylebone and beyond who have lost one or more teeth for many reasons. Whatever the reason, replacing missing teeth is vital to not just your dental health, but also your overall wellbeing.

When we lose one or more teeth, several things happen. First and foremost, we lose confidence in our smile. This can have a serious negative impact on our personal and professional lives, as we may avoid smiling in public altogether. Using dental implants to replace missing teeth can restore confidence in your smile and help to boost your self-esteem.

Dentists are also keen to point out the other health benefits of replacing missing teeth. When teeth are lost, the bone beneath any gaps slowly starts to resorb or recede, which can give a sunken and prematurely aged appearance to the face. Gum tissue also has a tendency to shrink, which is why many patients who wear traditional dentures often find that after some time their dentures become loose and uncomfortable.

Any remaining teeth may also move into the gaps left by missing teeth. They become harder to clean, increasing your risk of further tooth decay and, potentially, further tooth loss.

Dental implants are the perfect solution to replace missing teeth because as well as restoring confidence in your smile, they also integrate with the bone, preventing bone loss and gum shrinkage. Unlike unsecured dentures, restorations attached to implants are firmly held in place and will not become loose or fall out.

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