Why replacing missing teeth matters – and why dental implants are a good solution

Missing teeth should always be replaced. Any dentist will tell you the same thing. At his Marylebone dental practice, Dr David Madruga Gonzalez has helped scores of patients to restore their smiles and their ability to eat a healthy, balanced diet by replacing lost natural teeth with dental implants.

Why you need to replace missing teeth

missing teethIf you have one or more missing teeth near the front of your mouth, you are likely to find your confidence affected, and you may be too shy to smile or laugh in public. There are other health implications that come with losing your natural teeth, however; remaining teeth often become misaligned as they shift into any gaps, making them harder to clean and increasing your chances of tooth decay, gum disease and, ultimately, losing more teeth.

Depending on the number of missing teeth, your speech and your diet may also be affected. If you struggle to eat solid foods then you may find it difficult to maintain adequate nutrition, which can have serious consequences for your general health.

Missing teeth also lead to a shrinkage of the jaw bone, which can cause a prematurely aged appearance to the face.

Why dental implants are often the best option

Dr Madruga Gonzalez can replace one, some, or even all of your missing teeth with dental implants. These small bionic tooth roots are made out of titanium and are placed directly in your jaw bone in a small operation, carried out here at our Marylebone practice under local anaesthetic or sedation. New teeth – crowns, a bridge, or dentures – are then attached on top.

At his Marylebone clinic, Dr Madruga Gonzalez can help even those patients who have already experienced some bone loss to restore their teeth with the help of dental implants.