Why Your Dentist Could Prioritise Osseointegration Rather Than the Completion of Your Teeth

Let’s face it, you want the dental implants so you can have a beautiful smile. Do not be ashamed, as many of our patients had the same procedure for the same reason. After all, dental implants are both cosmetically and medically sound. It does its job as a tooth replacement, while preventing oral disorders, such as alveolar osteitis, teeth misalignment and more.

dental implantsYet, your dentist could advise to prioritise infusing the titanium implant before attaching the actual tooth replacement. Bear with us here, because dentists want to get such a procedure perfect. You will get your tooth, that is a guarantee, but it could be longer than you think.

How Long?

It depends on how long your teeth take to its new titanium implant. Some people take a few weeks before the bone infuses with the metal, some take months. Your dental health could also influence the longevity. A poor oral wellbeing will likely take longer to integrate the titanium, so if you are getting implants, make sure you have healthy bones.

Nonetheless, whatever the dentists prescribe, they can provide assistance through guided bone regeneration and bone grafting. If you really want your teeth as soon as possible, get this one. It may cost a little extra, but it is one of the most effective ways of ensuring a fully normal jawbone.

Ups and Down of Waiting

Obviously, you have to make do with an incomplete set of teeth. It even becomes annoying when you have to wait for a tooth replacement that is right there in the front. You want to get what you paid for, and you will, but when advised to wait, you have to wait. It is for your own good anyway, as the dentist want to get it right.

The upsides are several, up to and including ensuring that you do not have to return to the dentist. Unless you chew on metal or do something constantly that endangers the implant, it is safe in there.

If you have always dreamed about a pretty smile, give us a chance to do it for you. At the office of David Madruga, we ensure excellence on the treatments we provide.

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