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Immediate Placement Loading


Implant Dentistry has evolved enormously over the last decade.

In order to avoid further bone loss and reduce surgery time and expenses, latest technology and innovations allow us to be able to remove a failing tooth and place a dental implant at the same visit.

Moreover, in some clinical situations, we are able to remove a failing tooth, place a dental implant on the same day (immediate placement) and restore the implant with a fixed implant retained restoration (immediate loading), without having to wait conventional healing times of 6-9 months.

Fractured upper central incisor

Immediate implant placement/veneers

These techniques are particularly useful when patients suffered from a broken tooth due to an accident, i.e. playing sports, infection, or previous dental treatments (i.e. poor root canal treatment), and either because of work commitments or personal preferences wish not to wear a removable prosthesis (i.e. partial denture).

David has helped many patients in this situation and will be happy to discuss with you about the suitability of this procedure in more detail.

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