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David Madruga Reviewed by T.Coyne on Qoute Dear David
I am writing to thank you and all for the fantastic job you have done in restoring my teeth. On first meeting David you gave me the confidence to go ahead with a very long complicated plan of surgery requiring several implants.
The whole team made each visit a pleasure and I must thank you all the assistants that were involved in my treatment.
I am honestly not think of any way that the practice could improve as everything during my visits was first class.
Many thanks David and all the staff at DW. Qoute
– T.Coyne Rating: 4.5
David Madruga Reviewed by The McLuckie family on Qoute Dear David
Re: Matthew McLuckie Age 18yrs
Now that our treatment plan has concluded, Matthew and I would like to formally thank you for the superb way in which you handled our case. As you know, Matthew was lacking in confidence because he felt very self-conscious of his two missing front teeth. He was also anxious about invasive surgery due to his fear of pain and blood! When we realised he needed to have implant surgery, we found ourselves worrying about who should undertake the procedure and how it could be achieved with minimal surgery. Initially, we were only offered the option of a hip bone transplant by a hospital consultant and this did not seem to be a very attractive prospect.
After an initial consultation we were recommended to your good self and a procedure that would not involve a hip bone transplant. You guided us through the entire procedure and made sure that Matthew suffered no discomfort at all, the whole way through. You treated him kindly and with respect – for which we are supremely grateful. You have given Matthew the confidence to smile again with a perfect set of implants, exactly matched to his adjacent teeth. The whole procedure has taken less than three months. I know that it was not expected to be an easy surgery due to the fact that Matthew had limited space and bone to work with. Through your skill and perseverance, the implants have been a great success. I cannot recommend you highly enough to any prospective implant patients.
Kind Regards Qoute
– The McLuckie family Rating: 4.5
David Madruga Reviewed by David Sutton on Qoute Dear Mr Madruga
Re: Dental Treatment
With reference to my recent dental implant, I would like to thank you and your team for the professionalism and friendly manner in which this was carried out. Although treatment was protracted, I felt that I was treated well, kept informed of the procedures throughout, and received the necessary reassurance as it progressed. I have nothing but praise for the experience and was very impressed with your skills.
I am happy to recommend your services and will definitely be using you for at least two more implants.
Yours sincerely Qoute
– David Sutton Rating: 4.5
David Madruga Reviewed by Janis Pidgeon on Qoute Dear David
Just dropping a line to thank you for the sensitive help received during my last treatment.
It is devastating to have problems with your front teeth and I appreciated the way you explained the options open to me. Having everything explained in detail helps to take away the anxiety and to decide on the appropriate way forward. It seemed to take forever waiting for the healing process between treatments but the end result is great!
I can now smile again with confidence and it cannot be understated how this gives me back my ease of mind.
Yours truly Qoute
– Janis Pidgeon Rating: 4.5
David Madruga Reviewed by Diana Elder on Qoute Dear David
I have been asked to share my thoughts on the treatment I received recently.
My overriding feeling during the whole process was one of complete confidence in your work and ability. From the beginning of the treatment you explained in detail what was going to happen at every point of the procedure.
Despite the fact that my bone was too thin to make a secure fixing, you overcame this problem with bone augmentation and once again explained the whole process to me and answered all my questions and concerns. Not only are your dental skills excellent but you listen to your patients and offer great reassurance.
At no time was I in any discomfort and I am delighted with the outcome of the treatment. I would thoroughly recommend you to any of my friends who might be considering implants.
I wish you luck and I am sure that you have a great future ahead of you.
Best Wishes Qoute
– Diana Elder Rating: 4.5
David Madruga Reviewed by Sheila Cook on Qoute Dear Dr Madruga
Although I was dreading having the bone graft and implant I was put at ease to some extent during the more than satisfactory consultation and explanation prior to the treatment.
On the day of the treatment I was pleased to see that the room looked very sterile with all the equipment covered and everything was very clean. The sedation worked well and I don’t remember anything about the surgery. On waking, I was looked after and cared for.
After my surgery I was given the Dentists personal mobile number in case I had any problems and then I was seen regularly to check that everything was going well.
I was very pleased with the finished result and could not have been looked after any better.
Best Wishes Qoute
– Sheila Cook Rating: 4.5
David Madruga Reviewed by Sheila Webley on Qoute I am writing to highly recommend David. I first made contact in 2013 after not seeing a dentist for some years, due to being truly terrified. I remember standing in the reception area, sweating, shaking and trying not to cry but from that very first moment I was treated with kindness and reassurance. As I had a number of teeth missing, and quite a few loose I was put into the care of David Madruga, a truly magnificent implant surgeon. With ultimate patience, and a brilliant, easy to understand treatment plan (so I knew the exact procedures and cost), I now have brilliant strong teeth and a vastly improved quality of life. It has been a long haul with surgery but due to Davids sedation techniques I suffered no pain or trauma at all. In fact, seeing all the team and especially David became a pleasure – and I never thought I would say that about going to the dentist ! Qoute
– Sheila Webley Rating: 4.5
David Madruga Reviewed by Alison Turner on Qoute Dear Mr Madruga
Most of us are scared of the dentist and I am one of them. So to be told that I needed some treatment was very daunting. But, due to the professionalism and care of (especially) yourself and your colleagues my mind was soon put at rest.
The whole experience from the first consultation to taking the final photographs of the finished results was first class.
At each appointment, every procedure was explained clearly and thoroughly, with all my questions answered and all my fears lifted. After care was also excellent and always on hand if I had any problems or questions.
I’d also like to comment of the excellent standards of cleanliness and hygiene which is so important in this type of environment. All staff are willing and friendly.
So, I’d like to take this opportunity to thank yourself and your team again for a job well done and may you continue to give an excellent service and care to all patient’s
Thank you Qoute
– Alison Turner Rating: 4.5
David Madruga Reviewed by Jeremy Wells on Qoute Dear Mr Madruga
I would like to thank you and your team for your understanding, care, attention, craftsmanship and professionalism in treating me on Tuesday 8th October 2013.
I highly recommend you and your team to those who have anxiety of believe they present difficulties. Your care is first class and my results are superb; better than I imagined and I’m delighted.
It’s of comfort and reassurance to know that I can contact you should I have any concerns and your aftercare follow up phone call the following morning to see how I was feeling was much appreciated. I don’t recall anyone doing this before.
Once again, thank you for everything. First Class throughout and please feel free to use my recommendation as you see fit.
Regards Qoute
– Jeremy Wells Rating: 4.5
R Webber Reviewed by David Madruga on Qoute Hi David
I would just like to thank you for everything you have done for me during my treatment. You really made to whole process interesting and relaxing and I am so happy with the results. I really cannot stop smiling, it's amazing.
I am really interested in seeing all the photos when they are ready so I can relive the experience.
Once again, I can't thank you enough it really has changed my life.
Well I just wanted to let you know how grateful I was for everything you have done as it has made such a difference to my life. Still can't stop smiling, I haven't smiled for 15 years. Qoute
– R Webber. Rating: 4.5
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